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Cosyleon & Cosyleon , Inc. became incorporated in September of 1980 when Bonifacio A. Cosyleon became 51% owner. Prior to that time the company was known as Byerly & Byerly. In 1991 Mr. Bonifacio Cosyleon purchased the 49 % owed by Hugh Byerly and took full ownership of the

business. While changing ownership had its’ struggles the company was able to maintain and increase its multiple certificates and licenses allowing them to work in Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico, and Wyoming. Specializing in heavy/highway work through-out the southwest/four corners area proved to be successful. However an even greater success came in 1992 when the company secured their first general contract with United States Air Force Academy (USAFA) in Colorado Springs, Colorado. This USAFA contract became the first of a long list of government contracted work. Other jobs such as Bechtel Dechemicalization Plant in Pueblo Colorado, Peterson Air Force Base, and Comanche Power Plant have opened the doors for Cosyleon and Cosyleon to continue securing government work. “Not many companies pursue government work because of all the rules, regulations and compliance that need to be followed, but because of our history and experience B&C were awarded these jobs” says Mr. Cosyleon. Heavy/highway construction with emphasis on the concrete aspects of the road construction constitute half of the firm’s annual sales volume. Colorado, Wyoming, New Mexico, and Arizona denote the firms’ geographic areas of interest and requests for proposals from resident contractors as well. The company secured a general contracting

license for the City of  Pueblo in 1983 and continues to increase licenses in other municipalities. Some notable projects completed under this license were Historic Arkansas Riverwalk Project Amphitheater, The Project Management Building at the Pueblo Army Depot, and Mesa Paving Office & Repair Facility. Since the inception of Cosyleon and Cosyleon, Inc., it has participated in minority business programs in all levels of government contracting. In Arizona, New Mexico, Wyoming, and Colorado they are certified as Small Business Enterprise, Disadvantaged Business Enterprise, and Minority Business Enterprise.

Bonifacio Cosyleon

Bonifacio Cosyleon